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Whether it's Thor's Day, or any other special day, I like to dress up in creative, whimsical ways. Follow my fashion adventures and keep up with my Revolutionary Costume of the Day (posted 3-4 times a week.) 

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Time to get serious: I'm here to provide a real look at what it's like for families (like mine) living in poverty - navigating the social safety-net, dealing with pitfalls, and discovering what it takes it get out. It's an eye-opener!

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About Rainbow Hannah

I'm telling stories about surviving abuse, living in poverty, and looking fabulous. Of getting kicked out of church and of coming back to church. Of kicking ass, taking names, and teaching Sunday school. Of all of the other amazing, resilient survivors I've met along the way. Of the Hannah that was, the Hannah that is, and the Hannah I am becoming.

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