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is creating A gaming community without P2W elements
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About Rainbow Kiwi

By pledging even $0.20 a month, you would be helping fund a project that is striving to create a gaming community that doesn't suck. This means multiple things.
  • Non abusive staff - Yeah, everybody has played on at least one server or game that had that one staff member/officer that everyone hated, but due to some reason, they never got demoted or banned. We are looking to stop this form of corruption from happening to our community.
  • Special treatment for donors - Its sad how many gaming communities are plagued by this easy to stop monstrosity from happening. The policy that the staff of Cosmic Array stick by is simple. If we have to remind that user to stop abusing one of their perks or just being a all-round jerk to everyone that is a part of our community, we give them a warning, then a permaban on the affected services. If they continue to be rude, they get banned on all our services.
  • Giveaways - We love free games as much as you do, that why if we have all our services payed off for a while, we will set aside $5-$10 to buy some giftable games on a Steam sale and hand them out in events such as tournaments (Minecraft PvP and Hearthstone) and Raffles ($0.25 per entry).
  • Game servers, old and new alike - We like game servers as much as you do, we are a gaming community after all. Thats why we try new ideas, as well as older ones. With your help from monthly donations towards our community we will be able to pursue servers for the newest games available or gems from the 1990’s.

  • With your financial aid towards Cosmic Array, you can expect much more of these:
    • Giveaways
    • Game Servers
    • E-sports Teams
    • Raffles
    • A much more polished experience on all of our services.
    • Twitch Streaming (Better recording gear)

    I hope you have a great day on behalf of all the Cosmic Array staff,
    ~Hunter B.
    Owner of Cosmic Array
    $0 of $35 per month
    When we hit $35 a month, we will launch a Team Fortress 2 server.
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