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Greetings and well wishes.

My name is rain crowe, and besides being a regular person trying to make my way in the world of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, I'm a creator, facilitator, designer, educator, mediator, ritual priestess, community servant, learner, and midwife of regenerative culture and the demise of Empire.

I belong to these times, for better or worse, and I'm doing my absolute best to explore enduring questions about how some of us as modern human creatures came to be in estrangement and disenchantment, and how we can leave a living world for the ones yet to come by reviving interdependence and re-enchantment rooted in the knowingness of the preciousness of our existence. I create evocative, potent, and necessary works rooted in spiritual service for individuals and groups to explore, understand, integrate, and act upon. I am a conjurer and a curator of containers and constellations of bright and willing participants ready to metabolize their griefs, face despair, and do hard shadow work for necessary changes. My work is grounded in anti-oppression theory and praxis and is explicitly focused on dismantling injustice for shared liberation and well-being.

You may see more details about my philosophy, projects, courses, offerings, and experiences at this website. (And there is a new one in the works, which will be easier to navigate.)

I'm making this particular appeal because I believe so strongly in what I'm making, giving, calling in, ushering out, and trying to lift up, and so do many others, maybe including you. I have long been both a recipient of, and donor to, mutual aid in action, and this appeal is a way of putting out my ask for support in a broader, deeper, and certainly, more vulnerable way. It required a year of unshaming my needs, my own value judgments about my life, confronting hard truths, and finally learning to trust that there is enough. Learning to trust that some of my own circumstances were beyond my control and that pulling myself up by my bootstraps is fully a myth of capitalism which isn't a level playing field.

I've created this Patreon account,
because I need help. I need support. I need to have folks who have extra, to share. I need to be sourced for the multitude of feminized, emotional, and invisible labors that I am so willing and grateful to offer. I have certain skills which have been cultivated through my thirty years of adult life and which are needed and which I want to share with people who need them. I'm also a person with chronic pain and increasingly I need to outsource physical work to maintain my modest living situation and to get care which isn't covered by the limited health insurance afforded to low income people.

With any and all of your support, borne of your own vital life force, labor, time, and spirit, you'll help me not to just 'get by' but to truly bring the bigger, grander, and completely possible visions into actualization. In essence, to take the localized templates and offerings, which have been well-received, and to make them available on leveled-up registers of access.

Visions which stretch the boundaries and are part of the long-game. Visions which dance with shadow, and delight in Mystery. And which draw on the wisdoms of the bright and well ancestors, and are in service of the descendants of life.

Empire is crumbling, and emergent earth cultures are rising, and still struggling to thrive. No one knows with certainty how what is happening right now will conclude in our lifetimes and beyond, and it is my (and our) responsibility to proceed with faith that our unique brilliance matters and is worthy of expression.

I care about the intersection of political movements and spiritual connection. I long for the village. I aspire to live the way I desire the world to be: with values rooted in liberation, justice, beauty, and purposefulness. I am an intersectional feminist, queer femme, and working-poor person who is fourth generation settler colonist and of the ancestral peoples of Eastern Europe. I'm aware of my relative privilege with respect to my social location in given situations and moments. I have no intention of gate-keeping the resource that comes my way, rather, I want my work to support the amplification of more marginalized people, and to intervene in the institutional violence funded by fear and power-over.

I reside on the ancestral lands of the Multnomah, Clackamas, Kalapuya Tualatin on a seven acre radical land project. We are attempting to embody our anti-oppression work in committed relationship to the land which is a mostly public learning space and home to an all BIPOC collective of activist farmers.

As for what I've been doing and intend to do with your support:
I've designed four core courses, and have four more in the wings, just waiting for the spaciousness to flesh them out. These are all part of the Village Mystery School, coming ever more into form every day.

I've divined a template for Dream Temples and Vision Councils which are yearning to be convened and need nourishment to find their rhythms outside of the hustle for the paycheck.

I've crafted a blueprint for the Conflict Transformation Conference, whereby conflict workers and people affected and afflicted by conflict converge for panels, workshops, facilitated discussions, open space, networking, and learning and sharing best practices. Where design work for integrity, accountability, and beyond restorative processes can be modeled and taught.

I've orchestrated a Rites of Passage endeavor which is seeking to be fulfilled, even as it is asked for frequently.

I'm creating a Mentorship Program for spirit-moved people to deepen into all the workings I offer and move them in their own communities, and another one for people to become more confident and adept Trauma-Aware-Conflict-Transformation facilitators.

I've been working to produce a webinar series and podcast which feature interviews from people involved and impacted by a variety of issues related to justice and liberation.

And more. And more. And I need a boost for the next one year. I want to be able to pay an assistant to help me bring these dreams into fruition. So please, please consider donating some amount per month, for the coming year, and get my periodic updates about how it is all coming to pass.

These visions are in need of spaciousness and focused time to come to be. They have been asked for by people familiar with my work, and by spirit. As a vessel for creativity, woven with the animate web of life, my allegiance is to the good earth, our only Home, and I am guided by the star beings, those luminous reminders of our infinite potential.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your support in whatever way it may come.

Blessings on your home and health, on your people, and your gifts. Blessings on your dreams and your path. May it be clear, may you move with assured grace. May you receive kindness and be protected from all harms.

With care,

-rain crowe

$237.48 of $850 per month
Helps to attend my basic need for secure housing, provides essential health care for my injuries and well-being, sustains vital technological resources which support my various work, and creates more spacious opportunities for regenerative culture creation.

Hi- some folks put several smaller chunk goals with different headings, and respect to that, I've decided to put it all out here with this one larger goal. So mote it be.

This goal helps me to simply trust that I can be a responsible community member and contribute to our collective's urban radical land project and sustainability education center. It will free me up from needing to work off site of the project and instead be able tend to my shared home, and create sanctuary for travelers in need.

It helps me to acquire quality health care for my integrated self, as a trauma-survivor and a disabled person. As an emotional caregiver, functional clergy, and older in diverse communities, my vitality, pain-management and spiritual well-being helps to create more well-being for many others others through my increased availability and service.

It also helps me to continue to utilize platforms, systems, services, experts, and more to develop, publish, and promote webinars, courses, conferences, and more. As someone who offers a fair bit of my work on a pay-what-you-can basis, ensuring that the back end of the work can continue is invaluable.

And it helps me to have spaciousness to apply for grants, organize free events (such as to support social justice, dual power, resistance to fascism, and more), and  develop new 201 level courses, writings for publication, performances, rituals and so forth. It will allow me to finish designing the Conflict Transformation Conference, the series on Settlerism, Reconcilliation & Reparations, produce more Dream Temples, launch the Refugium Village Mystery School, and to offer more free counseling to at-risk, and marginalized people (especially queer youngers).

Thank you.
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