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Every month you'll get to see any WIPs (Works in Progress) of personal art, fan art, or animations that I'm currently working on! You will be sent the PNG file(s) of these WIPs!




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About RainingMountains

Welcome to my Patreon! It's wonderful to meet you all, thank you for stopping by! ^^

Currently this account is under construction, I plan on using this in the future when I feel the time is right! But if you're still curious about me, here's a brief "about me" !

I'm a digital artist who loves drawing fan art of book series and video games I love, and along with my own characters and stories! Cats are some of my favorite things to draw, as you'll find out soon enough haha

I plan for this Patreon to be a place that someone can use to support me if they like what I do! Since I plan on going to college soon, funds raised here would go to paying off any loans and college debt I'll have! I'll also still have commissions set up as well, so don't worry if you still interested!!
I'll be setting up more indepth information about myself in the future, but I still appreciate it if you took the time to read! :)