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  • Exclusive access to the PDFs—transcripts & sketchnotes—for the month (and all previous months) 
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About Raj Ray



I am Raj.

Every month, I produce and release 2-3 videos on my YouTube channel—youtube.com/vybex (Vybex Consulting is the Recruitment, Training, & Coaching firm I operate—vybex.com)

My experience at Vybex spans 15 years working as an external recruiter / headhunter for several multi-billion-dollar companies. There are plenty of Testimonials on the quality of my work on my LinkedIn profile as well my eBook Getting into Great Companies (available for free on vybex.com).

The videos I create cover a gamut of topics related to Career and Personal Development—job search, critical thinking, communication skills, self-esteem / confidence, social skills, resume writing, public speaking, etc.

On this page, I post content that complements the YouTube videos. While the YouTube videos are (and always will be) free, the content here is exclusively for the Patrons.

For the price of a cup of coffee, here’s what you’ll get access to:

  • Complete transcripts of the videos with the necessary charts / diagrams
  • 1-page  Sketchnotes—I create these as they help me with material retention and review, and improve my lateral thinking. They can do the same for you 
  • Weekly Podcasts on various Career & Personal Development subjects


Each month, $3 / $5 will be automatically charged to your Credit Card / PayPal. In return, you get access to the exclusive material for that month (and all previous months). You can cancel anytime.

I plan to add other options / tiers in the future.


My goal is to produce useful, engaging, and actionable content that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere—this an ambitious goal and it takes time. It’s the chief reason you won’t find easy-to-produce, low-value motivational content in my videos.

The content in the Videos + PDFs + Podcasts is specifically designed to:

  • Help you surpass your Peers at the workplace
  • Help you build a more Financially rewarding career
  • Build up your Creativity and get you to apply those skills
  • Assist with your Role / Job changes (internal moves, resume writing, interviews, etc.)
  • Boost your Language proficiency
  • Improve your Self-esteem and Confidence
  • Enhance your Leadership and Social skills

It helps to constantly remind yourself that even if you excel at your job, your career won’t build itself—you’ll have to proactively build it. My goal, through these videos and PDFs, is to provide the direction, tools, and strategies you need to build a meaningful and financially rewarding career.

Thank you for showing interest in my ideas and my work, and I hope you'll join me on this adventure.