Ramona Auble

is creating synthesizer videos and electronic music

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Hey! My name's Ramona and I am a 22 year old nerd who loves synthesizers ^-^

I make performance videos primarily, and also intend to make some informational tutorials relating to the particular synths that I own. I love learning & teaching about synthesis and your patronage helps me in my pursuit to do that more regularly!

At the moment I'm mostly making things relating to elektron & teenage engineering gear, but as time goes on I hope to be able to expand that to include all manner of synths. I'm particularly passionate about physical modelling synthesis, which I find to be totally enamoring, and I have a few ideas for related synthesizers that I'd like to create myself. I am especially intrigued by the idea of unifying the organic and continuous with the artificial and discrete in a way that is both natural and unnatural, and connects the player to the environment around them in unique and inspiring ways. I'm looking forward to getting a 3D printer so I can begin prototyping my designs!

Anyhow, thanks for checking out my page! I hope you all enjoy the content that I choose to bring into this world. Synths are a gift and I intend to share that magic with everyone I can.

Thank you! <3
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