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You're awesome, and you know what awesome people do? They gain a FANCY ORANGE TITLE and VOICE CHAT POWERS! 

Come chat on Patreon-exclusive section of the Random Encounters Discord server... with microphones enabled!!! (please be respectful, or our mods will be forced to have a less exciting kind of chat with you...)

RE themselves might even drop by unexpectedly now and then for a RANDOM ENCOUNTER... ;)

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Welcome to our Patreon!

Fans of Random Encounters are helping create new video game musicals with us every month!

Your support is vital to us and gives RE the chance to grow and share catchy new songs with other people like you. Thank you for giving future fans the chance to discover Random Encounters through the geeky songs you're helping create!
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Our hairy standby has gotten pretty drab after seven years of cameos. Maybe we can add some volume and shape to that smelly tangle he calls a face? It'll take a bit of cash, but we should also schedule The Beard for a reverse-manicure and get his monstrous hands back to their scaly, greenish glory! Are you guys up to such a hair-raising challenge???
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