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Who the hell are ya???

Hi my name is Gunkie and this is my venture into game creation. I want to make video games with one thing in mind... FUN! Yeah that's right that thing that huge corporations keep forgetting about. We want to make fun video games not just for the people that play them but for everyone including people who have never played them before. We do that by making games on a platform that most everyone has, smart phones! So? mobile games suck you may say? Well why do they suck? Is it because by NATURE mobile games suck? Or is it perhaps because companies have bad practice when it comes to creating mobile games? Super annoying interstitial ads between every death? Unfair balance of play between *whales vs everyone else? Games shouldn't just be fun for the richest of gamers but fair FOR EVERYONE!! So if you'd like to help us make awesome free mobile games and more!!! Come and support us by subscribing and we'll keep you up to date on our latest and greatest creations!!! Thank you all for your support!

* I'll just let the extra cred guys explain this one enjoy ;) 
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