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Yeah, this is the Randomise User Patreon I keep BANGING on about during videos, imploring you to part with your hard-earned quids to keep me going without having to record videos in a CARDBOARD BOX under a RAILWAY BRIDGE while snorting a FUME of some description.

If you're not that familiar with Patreon, all it involves is signing up to a monthly payment of your choice. For my channel, just $1 will get you the first tier of rewards. $5 a month will give you access to the archive of bonus videos. (Think of it as Netflix, only FAR worse.)

But it's also about you believing that the amazing indie games I cover deserve to be covered - I cover A LOT of games, large and small - all the cool indie stuff I genuinely believe you'll want to know about.

Supporting me here gives me the incentive and means to do it. I've been doing this for over 5 years and I honestly believe you don't get this mixture anywhere else, done with the same positivity and respect for the game.

Patreon is a little scary for some folk, I know, but it's a really good way of supporting me. They only take a small cut (YT memberships by comparison are way less generous to creators) and they hardly EVER make a horribly embarrasing, headline-making cock-up.

Friday Feed

Every patron gets this! Starting from August 2019, this'll be a diary of the week and essential if you want to know what's been happening on the channel - rogue thoughts, behind the scenes stuff, handy links to every video, maybe the odd quick feed video too!

Bonus Videos

At time of writing, there's over 30 of the damn things for patrons in the bonus video tier or higher.

Here's a handy post from April 2019 listing them

Discord Integration

Literally no idea how this works, but every patron gets it and it's handily automatic, making you appear purple on the Discord. Because, er

Where Your Money Goes

Usually into a pot marked "keeping the equipment up to date and able to cover everything without worrying about framerates", to be QUITE honest with you. Turns out that's expensive!

But I can now cover raytraced games now with my fancy-ass RTX graphics card. I upgraded the internet to allow reliable streaming, I beefed up my editing software, and so on really. I can afford to get time off my day job to attend events, too.

What a life I lead! What a gallavanting roustabout! What a liberty!

Anyway, that's quite enough of this. Keep enjoying the vids!


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