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About Randomonium

A talk show, a funny commercial, a crazy stunt, an interesting debate, and a game night with friends. Randomonium is kinda like all of that. On shuffle.

We created Randomonium to have fun! And if you're having fun along with us, we're doing something right. So what's next? We envision new segments featuring guest artists and musicians, challenges to support good causes, plus a lot more. We're just getting started. 

Like most creators, we dedicate our free time to writing, shooting, and editing the show because we love the process. But real talk: creating things costs money. Which is why we highly value our patrons.

You've made it. This is where you can jump onboard with our Randomonium community (we call them Randos) and gain access to exclusive content. Take a look at the rewards and become a patron!
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Viral video | When we reach this goal, we'll turn one of our crazy, complex ideas into a video!
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