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Hi! I love that you made it to my page here. It means you appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating books, albums, podcasts, and music videos! Thank you.


I make non-fiction books like Creating Life (The Art of World Building, #1), which bestselling author Piers Anthony, and Ed Greenwood (creator of The Forgotten Realms), have endorsed. There’s also a podcast for it and website.

Fantasy Novels/Stories/Novellas

I also write fantasy novels, short stories, and novellas like this free one:  The Ever Fiend (Talon Stormbringer).


I also release music albums like Now Weaponized! and make videos to go with it, like Keeping Pace.

- Randy

Why? Supporting me on Patreon will allow me to continue releasing quality albums and books! I can hire studio musicians, engineers, cover artists, editors, and more. Your support will also greatly improve my ability to market everything to the right audiences. I do so many things myself that hiring others would really free up time to create more of everything - and I’d also have more time to raise my two little kids!

How? I have many cool reward levels from $1 a month to $25+ so you can tailor your subscription. Even $1 gets you access to the Patreon-only feed here where you get priority backstage access to me. You’ll be notified every time I add something here for supporters!

What? Higher support levels can get you mp3s, short stories, bonus materials and songs, unreleased/demo recordings, eBooks, and autographed bookmarks and books/CDs. You can make it possible for me to create and release items so much faster, so if you enjoy my work, you directly benefit from helping me find time to create more of it!

Your support would mean the world to me. Aside from time with my kids, my day job, and an occasional round of golf, I literally spend all of my time on my work. I can never thank you enough for your support. If you’ve made it this far, you probably already appreciate what I do and the hundreds of hours that go into every album or book. Maybe your real reward is in helping me create more of something you love. I love you right back for supporting me. Without you, there’s little point for me.

High Five,
Author, Composer, Guitarist, Dad, and Insanely Busy Guy
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