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You get access to our monthly newsletter where we tell you about what we've made, what we're working on, and what we're thinking about in the wide world of games. 
Sorcerer's Apprentice
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You get PDFs of CMRN and Michael's notes from their monthly Game Studies Study Buddies recordings.

This is ALSO the tier that gets you a podcast feed for Too Much Future.

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You get all previous rewards as well as access to a monthly short podcast where CMRN and Danni talk about whatever they want to talk about. Probably games. They will also answer community questions! 




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About Ranged Touch


This is Ranged Touch, a media conglomerate blob that produces videos, podcasts, and other things about the things we love. Sometimes that's computer role-playing games. Other times that is other things. We're broad-minded people.

This is the page that you can some to if you want to support what we do on YouTubeTwitter, and beyond. Those things include:

There's a lot of overhead in the world, and making videos, editing podcasts, and writing newsletters takes a lot of time and energy. It's work! By contributing to this Patreon, you help cover those basic labor costs, and you help us pay the people we collaborate with on music and art. 

With that in mind, there are three tiers of support.

The first is a $1 a month tier - Hedge Wizard. 
This tier is full of good stuff: You get a monthly newsletter with announcements, short blips of writing, and generally just a spewing forth of additional things that didn't show up in whatever we made that month. You also get access to games that Ranged Touch produces (there are a couple in the works). You're the truly powerful gamer.

The second is a $3 a month tier - Sorcerer's Apprentice
This tier is for the game studies fans. If you like Game Studies Study Buddies, then you can support at this level to get CMRN and Michael's notes for each episode. You also get access to the Too Much Future podcast feed.

The third is a $5 a month tier - Fighter/Mage/Cleric.
You get the stuff in previous tiers, and you also get access to a monthly podcast where we talk about what we want to talk about. If you like the videos we make, then you will also like this. It's like video, but without images! Wowee!
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Ranged Touch is currently stable at about 100 patrons, but our ability to grow beyond what we do right now is limited by both time and money. Want more Ranged Touch? Want more audio and video content? Support us!
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