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Friend of the Rant Cast #FOTRC

This tier exists to guarantee YOU Friend of the Rant Cast status forever. We really appreciate anyone who chooses to support the show at any level. 

Because we hit our first goal, you'll also get access to the monthly backer video from Paul by backing at this tier! 

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The "More Rant Cast Please" Tier

This is where you start getting cool stuff. Every time we record a show we will do at least 10 minutes at the end of the podcast exclusively for Patreon backers. We'll talk about movies, music, football away from United, that sort of malarkey. 

On top of that, Patreon backers will get a bonus 30ish minutes-long show once a month, answering questions posed by backers. More Rant Cast questions, all from you. But to be clear, I'm not sure either of us know for sure whether there will ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark.
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Mug Tier

An exclusive backers' Rant Cast mug becomes YOURS if you back at this level for three months for UK and Eire residents or four months for those based further afield (shipping is expensive!). We'll make sure they're nice mugs and we won't sell this design anywhere else so you can be all like "hey, I'm a super cool Patreon backer of the Rant Cast and this is my mug!" and everyone will know it's true.

You also get access to all lower tier rewards, of course, making sure you're able to hear those bonus shows. And that you're a Friend of the Rant Cast. Obviously.




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About United Rant

Ed and Paul have been making their Manchester United fan podcast since 2009. In the very first episode they asked the question "Can Michael Owen replace Cristiano Ronaldo's goals?" (and answered it with a very firm "No, obviously not"). 

Since then many other United podcasts have come and gone, but the Rant Cast ploughs on, making a United-centric episode most weeks during the football season, 265 of them at the time of writing. 

At the beginning of the 2013/14 season, producer Tom came on board, and he makes the show sound really nice (thanks Tom.) 

We've never run advertising, relying on listener tips to cover costs and make a couple of quid, but we thought we'd set up a Patreon so people could support the show and its creators and be rewarded with something cool if they do. We'd like to pay Tom for his time and maybe even get paid for ours. 

So, check out the tiers and some of the cool rewards we have one offer, take a look at the goals we're hoping to hit, and get involved if it seems like something you'd like to do!
$967 of $1,000 per month
This is where we can afford to start adding some content to the show.

We've had some cracking guests on the podcast from the world of football writing and coverage, but we have only ever been able to do it occasionally. This level of support will enable us to spend more time pursuing this. If we hit this tier we'll commit to getting at least 10 guest interviews during the season, hopefully more.

We're not promising Rio, but we'll try.
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