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About Rationality Rules

Hello my friends! I’m Rationality Rules, and this, is another YouTuber on Patreon – Debunked…

Jokes aside, I’ve decided to try my luck on Patreon, to really gauge whether there is a demand for the type of content that I create. I love creating videos, and I’m going to continue creating them no matter what; and of course, they’ll always be free and you'll always have complete and full access to them.

But if you’re feeling particularly generous, and you’d like to see a dramatic increase in the quality and quantity of my videos, then here’s your chance to make it happen! And of course, in return, you’ll receive exclusive and awesome goodies!

Why Patreon?

To put it bluntly, I am convinced that the best way to increase the quality and quantity of my content is simply though crowd funding. While Google AdSense makes me a few coins per month, it's nowhere near what's needed for me to justify quitting my freelance work (let alone my job), and hence it all boils down to how much time I can justifiably dedicate to Rationality Rules.

With that said, I currently work full time as a graphic designer, have a family to enjoy, and have many other 'normal' commitments (and I like to play video games every now and then.. I can't lie!). However, due to these commitments I'm currently only able to muster a maximum of 20 hours per week to spend on my channel (around .7 of a video). Patreon, however, has the potential to change this, as if there is truly is a demand for the type of content that I create then perhaps one day I'll be able to dedicate significantly more of my time to it.

Where Your Money Goes

At first your kind pledges will go towards a myriad of products and tools that’ll improve the quality and quantity of my videos, such as new microphones, cameras, lights, backdrops, and indeed a new laptop (greatly needed!). It’ll also pay for books, articles, access to peer-reviewed papers, and for philosophers and scientists to check over my scripts for any errors.

And should I ever reach the golden goal of $1,500 per video or more (dream on!), your money will officially employ me full time. I’d quit my invested and stable career as a graphic designer and start living the dream (I’d create considerably more videos, including many new series). Oh, and 5% of your pledge will go to Patreon in exchange for their lovely service.

Thank you for taking the time to view my Patreon page,

- Steve
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At this level, I'll be able to outsource even more work, and will be able to seriously consider hiring researchers full time (so far, being able to hire them part time has been incredibly useful). With mundane tasks being done by others, this will enable me to better make use of my own time, and thus increase the quality and quality of videos. It will also allow me to work on my book, and other projects (such as the Debunked card game).
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