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See what I'm up to and come hang out with me! Your contribution goes towards art supplies and other fun tools (maybe I'll get some tech for art streams). Also, if I make any cool stuff like printed zines or comics, I'll send you a pdf or physical copy!




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About Jo Schramer A.K.A RatsJo

Greetings rats, country-geese and plant sages. I am called Jo and I am an artist, a loose piece of fringe cast upon the wind, and a warrior sent to vanquish large amounts of noodles. Here be my patreon: a place where I can represent myself in the capitalist arena. Currently, my patreon is set up to be a monthly tip jar of sorts. Tips received here will go towards art supplies and other entities which excel in artistic expression.

Currently, I have a variety of projects that I am working on, as I'm going through a phase of massive creative exploration and experimentation.

  1. The Classy Rat Newsletter: Beginning in the year of 2019, I began posting The Classy Rat Newsletter, a news publication narrated by a fictional cast of rats from the Rat Dimension. It covers various topics in the rat-geist, such as fashion, media, art, interviews with celebraties, recipes, history, and much more. I was posting it pretty reguarily for a few months, but then life complications, stress, and competing inspiration struck and I realized it was time to change things up. I'm still catching up on issues which I had intended to publish, so you will see them trickling in behind the paywall if you choose to make a pledge.
  2. Comics and Story Art: I majored in Sequential Art and find storytelling to be an action at my deepest level. you can expect comics ranging from humorous, to auto-biographical, to edgy supreme to surface in the coming months.
  3. Illustrations, sketches, painting practice, and other means of unrefined exploration
  4. Writing: Before I became an artist, I was a writer. I have had it as a goal since childhood to publish books, and find that I can sometimes write even when I'm asleep. I enjoy writing short stories too, so expect to see some of that now and then. I'm also taking a screen-writing class currently, and would like to post what I'm working on from that course.
  5. Music and poetry
  6. RATS. I have not given up on rats, even though I think I have maxed out my rat brain for this year quite a bit. I love rats and have a lot of ideas for creative projects involving them.
So that's that! I plan on updating my patreon more than once or twice a month, and would like to get to a place where I can post one big, finished thing a month, like a nice illustration or a piece of writing that I've been working on. Ideally, I'd like to compile things too and publish works on gumroad, kindle, and other online stores. PDFS of zines and books will be downloadable by supporters.

Thanks for reading and checking out my stuff!

Jo A.K.A. ratsJo A.K.A. Jingleschram A.K.A. plantsjo
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At 20 patrons, I will officially get a real life rat again. And, I will tell you all about said rat!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts
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