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About Rauchmann

My name is Rachel Delevingne, but you can call me Rauchmann (the ch is pronounced like ח like in “l’chaim”, not “ch” like in “chocolate”). I’m a young still young Computer Science student, software engineer, web developer and video gamer. I’ve been using computers – and playing games on them – since the days of Half-Life and Red Alert, which still seems like yesterday.

I'm entering the wonderful world of blogging and guide writing about video games and technology. I want people to learn something new when they visit my blog. That’s why I’m going to write guides for some of my favourite video games – starting with classics such as Age of Empires II and SimCity 3000 – and I’m going to publish walkthroughs and tutorials for programming languages and operating systems.

I’ll probably talk about other things along the way, like my faith, other parts of my personal life, and I might occasionally drift into another language or two, but those posts will be few and far between.

Join me on this adventure, and hopefully I will be able to keep you entertained and informed!

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