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Hi, folks! I'm a disabled Northern Tradition shaman, and something of a religious renunciate. I'm also a writer and activist. To me, changing the world in as many ways as I can is more important than making money, and with a chronic illness I can't work a full-time job anyway. But I do work ... all the time. I've put out 39 books (and counting!) and I try to get out at least one book a year, in many different genres. Some of you know me through Pagan religious work, some through my work with the kink and M/s communities, some through transgender and polyamory activism, some through my discussions of disability or even organic farming.

I'm the current 2014 Northeast Master and I'm putting in a lot of time this year with my partner Joshua, traveling and educating on spiritual BDSM and power dynamic relationships, as well as polyamory, transgender issues, and of course Pagan stuff - astrology, shamanism, and polytheistic theology. I maintain websites with hundreds of shrines to my Gods, getting something like a hundred virtual candles and prayers a day. I make Pagan prayer beads for people who need help praying, I see clients for shamanic work from demographics that no one else will touch, I am an activist for everything I am and believe in.

I live on a little homestead with my poly family of disabled kinky queers, counseling and helping as many people as I can, given my limited time and spoons. I'm worth supporting, because I'll keep doing this work anyway ... but I'd like to be able to do it with just a little less financial panic, so please consider sending me a buck a month. I'm a damn good investment ... watch my dust!


$303 of $700 per month
I'd like to be able to meet my basic needs - food, gas, utilities, shelter, car insurance for the beater I drive around - and around $700 a month would take care of that, as it would more than double my current monthly income. If I achieve this goal, I'll start a blog - I know that people have asked for one. What area of my work would it focus on? That would be up to you patrons - I'd poll you for what you want to see, if this monthly goal is made.
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