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Hello everyone. My name is Elvis and my goal is to create more content that will entertain many people. I can not do this on my own anymore and need your help. As of right now, I have created two shows on my youtube channel (Ravenouslobo Productions). Fusionverse is a show where I talk about anime, tv shows, movies, and games. My second show is called Reaction TV, which I use to react and sometimes analyze 4 different trailers. I am currently working on a new show called "Tales To Forget" and it is a show where I bring to life scary stories written by me. The show is hosted by an interesting character Skeleton Character. Think of tales from the crypt, but different. After quite a few years I realized that there is only so much that I am able to accomplish on my own. I know that with your help and the passion I have can go beyond what has already been created. Loving what I do keeps me going forward so let's go on this journey so we can hold on to this feeling. Any support you can give would be appreciated. Thank you so much for your time. I also have an Instagram: @ravenouslobo

Sincerely; Elvis Perez
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Donate what you can even if it is $1 because it all counts. I want this to be a fun place for all where ideas can be brought to life. By reaching this goal I can make more videos/films and not worry about making a living too. I do everything on my own and this would be such a huge help to achieving my dream. I'll make a vlog thanking everyone for giving their support. You get a shout out and you get a shout out, but not you. You know what you did. I kid you get a shout out. EVERY ONE DONATING WILL GET THEIR NAME PUT INTO THE DESCRIPTION. I will give random shout outs throughout different videos so please be patient.
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