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About Order of the Raven's Eye

Hi, everyone! I'm Rhianna from the Order of the Raven's Eye, a Final Fantasy XIV Free Company (guild) from the Balmung server.

I make FFXIV job pins and video guides!

I love playing FFXIV, but I also enjoy helping others. While there are some good video guides out there, I found some rambled or didn't answer my questions or failed to clearly show or point things out. Other times, I didn't want to sit through a 10+ minute video in order to get every detail. And sometimes in game I had to rush through a quest and, because it wasn't a cutscene, I wasn't able to go back and find the full dialogue.

And so I began making my own guides, starting with seasonal events:

  • My "Speed Guides" have a complete text walk-through, including maps, within the first 45 seconds. After the text, I provide the visual guide so people can see, step-by-step, what they should expect.
  • "Full Story Guides" are the complete quest or event, start-to-finish, including every bit of quest text and dialogue.
  • Of course, there will be other guides, as well. Hunt Guides, How-to Guides, and so on!
  • And sometimes I may add a little silliness into the mix, too!

So why the Patreon?

I live on disability due to various health issues, so my income is limited. This means it can be difficult to afford things like decent editing software or upgrades to my computer, which will help with making videos for you!  I am also in the process of raising and training a new Service Dog, so any help towards the care and raising of my new pup would be appreciated.

Please note- Patreon is a monthly subscription, however, if you would like to make a one-time-only donation, just cancel your subscription after the first payment is pulled (should be at the beginning of the month, but keep an eye on your account!) Thank you!

Whether you donate or not, thank you!

Regardless of whether you choose to donate, I appreciate your viewership! I truly hope you find my videos helpful. And to those who Like, subscribe, or share the word about my channel, thank you very much for your support! It makes my day to know I'm helping people.

My profile pic was created by the talented Katimus. Special thanks to her!
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$40/month will cover my service dog's annual veterinary costs. The first year is full of shots, booster shots and all that wonderful stuff, so it can be a little expensive.
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