Raven's Own

is creating jewelry, figurines, and divination from chain maille and clay.
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About Raven's Own

Hey, guys! We're Raven's Own!

Individually we are Cherif and Rebecca; together we make everything from chain maille jewelry, creepy mini-figurines, miniature paintings, pagan tools, and more. Chain maille and creepy figures are our mainstay, but if it catches our fancy, you'll find it in our shop.

Right now, though, Raven's Own - and the art that sustains both it as a business and us as functional people - is competing with things like Bills and Day Jobs. We have a lot of art and projects we want to get off the ground and share with you guys! To do that, we need to take some of the pressure off. Thus Patreon! In return, we'll offer rewards: blog posts, behind-the-scenes images and video, tutorial videos, and even customized products.

So pledge away if you can! Otherwise, please check out the shops, and if you see something you like, buy it, share it, or fave it!

Shop all of our custom products at Storenvy!
We have clothing and more on Zazzle!
Accessories with a purpose can be found at VIDA!

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