is creating a community whitelist server for GTA5 Role-Play
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About RAW RP

Welcome to RAW RPs Patreon.

RAW RP is a live GTA5 Role-Playing server.
RAW stands for Realistic Alternative World.
The server provides an alternative role-playing world set in the city of Los Santos. There you can be a law abiding citizen and do one of various legal jobs such as Trucking, Taxi or Uber driver, Tow Truck driver / Mechanic, Waste management, Food Vendor, Lawyer and more. You can join the Police Department or Emergency Services and help fight crime and keep the streets safe, OR you can join the seedy criminal element of the city. The choice is yours.

You will create a character and Role-Play that character through his or her day to day life.
It is a rich rewarding experience with a great community of people.

Join our Discord channel here: https://discordapp.com/channels/498230050764619776...

This server costs $125.00 per month to maintain. This includes hardware, bandwidth and maintenance. We do not require any one to PAY to play, and The server is sponsored in part by http://twitch.tv/howreroll However if you enjoy playing on the server and want to see it stick around your support is greatly appreciated. Any donations go directly to maintaining and developing the server.
If you are enjoying the server and the community, please consider donating or subscribing at any given tier.

Any overages will go towards server improvements, or pre-paying for future months.

Many thanks!
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