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is creating Awesome Designs and Illustrations, with a bit of Photography
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Stick Knife
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This is the first tier. A dollar is more than enough money that you can offer, and in doing so, you get to unlock all the exclusive art I post here on patreon! And at the same time, you support me and give me all the motivation i need to create art for you guys!
Sizzling Spear
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In tier two you guys are basically giving more than enough money you can offer... x2! If you choose the Sizzling Spear, you also get to choose the artwork that you wanna see here on my feed every month!
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The classic Sword. Here you get the same benefits as tier two, but you get a lot more love!
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FIVE DOLLARS! by supporting me THIS much, you get a free art work of your choice, delivered to your door-step!  (just pay shipping). you can choose either a digital print or a canvas painting!




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About Rayo Rauck

Welcome to Rayo's Patreon page! PREPARE YOUR EYES FOR BURSTS OF EMOTIONS THROUGH ART! If you really love what I do and support me for what I do, you don't know how happy and motivated you make me! Thank you so much for just... existing!
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Once I reach $50, I'll be able to buy loads of art supplies and create amazing art for you guys!
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