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About RazzAroundTheWorld

My whole life I’ve been moving.

Born and raised near Pittsburgh, my family drove to the beaches in Delaware and North Carolina when I was a kid. I also remember taking the long drive down the East coast to Disney World in Florida (multiple times). And this was all before moving across the country to Arizona in ‘99. I saw a lot of the United States by the age of 10, and then saw even more by the age of 20. Yearly trips to California were accompanied by countless weekends traveling all around my new home state. Las Vegas, Denver, New York, & Seattle were all soon to follow. But I knew in these next 10 years I wanted to have most, if not all, of this country mapped out. I really wanted to make a wise decision (even though some would call it foolish). I didn’t just want to move out of my current home state, away from all friends and family without knowing where I was going. I wanted to have a real grasp on the one country I’ve lived in my whole life (at least, up until now).

Fast forward to 2016. Now, I didn’t know where. I just knew it’d be a long distance, and I knew I'd be gone for a long time. I wanted to sink my feet in and see how different things are around this country, before stepping out into this vast world that we have been blessed with. It took some time, but here I am. With a girlfriend, a partner, a team-mate and no real end destination... Just a rough plan.

1. Make Money / Save Money
2. Sell what you don’t need (i.e. old clothes, furniture)
3. Purchase what you do need (i.e. computer, camera)
4. Quit Jobs
5. Pack Up & Move Out

No idea what’s going to happen...

I’ll be uploading pictures, videos, and behind-the-scenes stuff soon! Make sure to keep an eye out!

Instagram: @razzaroundtheworld
Youtube: youtube.com/razzaroundtheworld

All videos are shot with the GoPro Hero 6.
Purchase here: https://amzn.to/2GMa2ne

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