Kerry Lloyd

is creating fiction, poetry, and media criticism.
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You've given me more money than I could ever reasonably ask you to give me for what I'm currently doing here. I appreciate it so, so, so much. 




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About Kerry Lloyd

Hi! I'm Kerry, a non-binary writer-of-sorts living in New England. I'm a vice president, editor, and contributor of the literary magazine on my campus, and outside of that, I write a lot for my school. Sometimes, when I have time and motivation, I even write for myself! Some now undetermined amount of the stuff that I write will end up here.

I'm also working in what little free time I have to learn how to use Unity, so maybe this will eventually become a space for games. Only time will tell!

I'm gonna get myself on ADHD medication over this summer and then the ball will really be rolling. 

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