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Hello everybody,

So if you don't know already I like to draw and while I enjoy doing commissions I can't do them all the time, it eats up allot of time which cuts into my own ideas. So I figured why not make a patreon so that I can make a little extra spending cash in between times I do commissions. If you are finding out about me through patreon and want a better idea of what I do you should check out my Tumblr page, Deviant ArtTwitter or Artist In Me galleries.

I'm going to start things small in the beginning to work out the kinks as things progress and I get a better sense of what I can do for all of you. I could expand to doing more work someday, making patreon drawing videos, commissions for patrons and polls.

Thanks for your interest in my work and I hope I will be able to make things that everyone can enjoy.

R . Case
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Spare some change patron
per month
  • If you donate to this tier then you will a full CG pic
  • Early access to the drawing video of said pic (if there is a video)
  • Rough sketches of the picture for that month (if I remember to post them)
Couch cushion diver patron
per month
  • You will be able to vote on what the picture of the month will be. The options will be provided by ether hire tier patrons and/or my self
  • All lower tier rewards too
Deep Pockets patron
per month
  • You will be able to suggest an idea that will then be voted on for that month's picture ( Keep in mind I want to keep things SFW when thinking of a character for me to draw)
  • All lower tier rewards too
$95 of $200 per month
When this goal is reached I will do a second picture for the month. the pic will be determined by what idea comes in second on the poll
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