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Alatulya! Nanye Fiona, ar quetin Vinya Eldalambenen!
Maedol! Im Fiona, a bedin Edhellen 'Wain!
(Welcome! I am Fiona, and I speak Neo-Elvish!)

Specifically, I am a professional translator of Neo-Sindarin and Neo-Quenya, fan-extensions of Tolkien's languages Sindarin and Quenya. Using my background in Linguistics, I run a website, and a Neo-Sindarin class, based on the textbook for Neo-Sindarin that I wrote, which can be found here: Realelvish Academy. I also provide translations and transcriptions upon request. I'll even name your baby in an Elven language, if you ask.

I've been studying and using Tolkien's Elven languages since 2002, when I was just 15 years old. I've spent half my life dedicated to the art of translation. It's the reason I ended up getting a degree in Linguistics.

I am new to charging people for my translations, and I want to keep my prices down as much as possible, to make sure as many people who need my skills have access to them. 

Special thanks to those who have already donated! I have a special page on my website listing everyone.

(Good bye!)
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I'll make a video series about how to pronounce various names from Tolkien's books.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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