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About Daniel Younessi

What is the Political Economy Project?
The Political Economy Project aims to be a captivating, informative and fun way of expanding knowledge of political economy among young progressives. The project aims to include an illustrated 'textbook', dedicated YouTube videos, a social media presence and ways to get involved in your community and beyond. The project aims to answer important questions within political economy, such as "what is capitalism?", "what is socialism?," "how does the economy work?" and "how will we deal with automation?", among others. In other words, all the answers you wanted but didn't get from your economics class (and we'll tell you why that is, too).

But why though?
The specific situation of the US and other countries worldwide (the current US administration, the rise in interest in socialism, new forms of engagement with politics and organizing) means there's no time like the present to talk about these serious issues. These issues aren't just abstract theory - the 'political economy' is made up of people like us, and its vital to understand our role in it. Once we have understood our world, we can change it.

Unfortunately, these ideas are often kept behind massive tuition fees or complex academic language. The Political Economy Project aims to break those barriers.

Who am I?
I am a nearly-done PhD student in economics at the New School for Social Research, undergraduate instructor, research assistant, union member, community activist and organizer. The inspiration for this project was realizing that my own undergraduate students learned far more effectively when topics were presented simply, made relevant to everyday life, and when space was made for active political participation.

Where are we, and how can I help?
As it stands, the text has been fully outlined and two chapters have been drafted in full. Visual design, branding, videos and social media will need outside help, as I'm totally new to all of it. I would also be interested in hearing what questions and issues folks would want to see discussed. Of course, every single pledge goes a long way!

Thank you very much, and I hope you consider becoming a patron!
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Unfortunately, PhD students are poor, and content doesn't create itself. Reaching the $500 mark will allow us to do everything from helping us find publishers and designers, to properly lighting our videos. 
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