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About Sergey Baklykov

Please, contribute my Patreon to keep making the videos with no any ads (product placements) and more videos from all parts of Russia.

Your total contribution is not that big yet but recently I already visited and filmed the nearest (to Saint Petersburg) towns like Vyborg (April), Novgorod The Great (May), Pskov (June), Republic of Tatarstan (July) and Murmansk (August)

Patreon helps even if you will contribute with only $1, in case if many of you will do it. Please, contribute at least $1/mo. Believe me, it will help.

If for any reasons you won't sign up to Patreon to make a contribution, just an old good PayPal link is available here.
30% complete
$2,000 per month will let me to keep producing only pure content about life in Russia without any ads on a regular basis.

Make at least one distant trip to another  parts of Russia in a month.

The montly goal is not reached even for 1/4 yet, but still already was able to make these trips:
April - Vyborg
May - Novgorod The Great
June - Pskov
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