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About Truth Witness

You, the fans, have made my channel possible. Without your interest it wouldn't be possible. I now ask for your help. YouTube Creators are nothing without support from people like you. You now have the opportunity and chance to help Truth Witness. The survival of my channel is wholly dependent on my fans response. Won't you help me keep it going? Won't you help me so I can keep bringing you the content you love?

Since 2016 Truth Witness has been bridging the barrier gap translating videos for the English speaking YouTube audience. TW brings you the cold hard facts on how cartel organizations operate directly from the bosses and soldiers themselves.

The translation of these videos can at times, be very time consuming and monotonous however, I enjoy making them and bringing them to you. These videos are designed to bring awareness and insight to the YouTube English speaking audience. Insight to a world that would otherwise remain unknown if not for translation.
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Once I reach 500 patrons I'll open up a Truth Witness community website exclusively for fans.
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