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Anime has saved my life. I know this is a bold statement, but I seriously do not know where I would be without it. Anime has taught me so many life lessons and, whenever I was feeling down or alone, I had their stories to inspire me. These stories are deep, unique and unlike anything I'd ever seen before or since. The characters are multi-faceted and you get to know them on such an intimate, visceral level it begins to feel as if they are your own friends, mentors, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, etc. I aspire to be like Naruto, Goku, and Deku, all of whom have very similar characteristics I strive to embody in my everyday life -- selflessness, perseverance, and an unfailing moral compass.

Hollywood is beginning to create more live-action anime content, but none of them seem to remain truthful to their sources' messages and themes. Directors and producers who are known for their names and reputations are hired, but they are not knowledgeable about anime and the anime community. This is why films like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Z and Death Note were all huge disappointments, both critically and commercially, and why I've created Re:Anime.

Our goal is to use our love, expertise and deep knowledge of anime to create live-action content that stays true to the original creators' visions, stories, characters, and themes. Re:Anime will be to anime what Marvel is to the superhero genre.
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Hey Otakus! This tier is just to support Re:Anime and we thank you from the bottom of our heart! This will allow us to make more anime films faster!
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You'll get to find out what the next anime film we are creating is! We'll even send you the script early :)
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You get to see our short films and trailers one week before they air on youtube! You will also get some extra BTS footage that no one will see!
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I'll be able to create one fight scene per month for you guys! That means Deku vs Todoroki! Toph Vs Zuko! Rock Lee Vs Gaara
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