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is creating educational videos for kids
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About euber rondon

I'm a atheist graphic designer and animator with more than 15 years of experience.
on4Kids is a series of short animations videos to introduce kids to reason and truth, easy to understand and attractive for them, 5 minutes more or less each one.
Episode number eight will have some warnings to prevent sexual abuse, and I'm sure that we can save a lot of children.
This is the kind of material I didn´t have when I was a child, but with your help we'll give it to this and subsequent generations. I apreciate any contribution starting from 1$, all patrons will be in an idea's sugestions' email list.
As you can realize watching the video I'm not a native english speaker, needless to say professional native english speaker actors will be hired... you will help me for my ability to design, produce and animate this series, not for my "speech capacity".

1 Religions: what are they made of?
Universe, planet earth, evolution, DNA.
First human beings, fears and ambitions, invention of religions and first ways of ruling through them.

2 Religions: how many of them?
Number of religions, short description of some of them, conflicts between believers
Example of lying. Parody religions.

3 Religions: stealing everybody
Ways of financing religions, laziness of their leaders.
Religions as “fooling rays”, some atheist quotes explained.

4Religions: chains for the poor people
How religions invite poor people to accept miserable conditions of life.

5 Religions: against science part 1
Short description of science and methods, how it improves our quality of life.
Dinosaurs, flat planet earth in the center of the universe and Galileo Galilei's persecutions.

6 Religions: against science part 2
Catholic church against vaccination and stem cells investigations.
Fake science, human beings made from earth.

7 Religions: against peace
Wars due to religion. Preaching and how to handle it, rights of non believers.

8 Religions: disrespectful and dangerous
Child sexual abuse from priests and some advices to prevent it.

9 Religions: poor arguments
Some facts that believers can't explain. Incoherences (just a few of course). 

10 Religions: thinking about it
Using reason and evidence, question everything, look for proofs and coherence.
Self esteem.
$0 of $950 per video
This is the minimum goal, each episode costs about 100 hours of work plus music and voices, I can't do it for less, one episode per month
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