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is creating a reasonably funny podcast about movies and media!
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About Reasonable Beef

We are Tim and Dom, two ex(current?) YouTubers who now do a podcast about moo-vies featuring comedians, familiar 'Internet Folks' and fascinating humans.


1. Reasonable Beef is a free form, conversational style podcast about a central topic (it's usually a movie). We let the jokes develop and the smart bits self-actualize. Hate shows that curtail interesting discussion to stick to a bullshit formula? Beef is here 4 u.

2. This is not a "this movie sucks" podcast. NO BEEF MAY BE RAISED UNLESS IT IS REASONABLE. See: name.  We only let smarties, eggheads and brainiacs behind our micsJustify your opinions. Pretend like you give a shit. It's fun, I wear!

3. It's smart! We say the good things.

4. It's listenable. When some folks hear the word "conversational they think meandering. I (Tim) work very hard in the editing room to make sure the conversation stays punchy yet thoughtful. By and large, I think I've succeeded.

This is a farm-to-iTunes operation and it is a BLAST to make, but we need your help! Become a Patron right now and gain access to ~secret bonus episodes~.
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