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Writing is a rewarding job. It's also a magical job. Not because I write about witches and elves, but because I sit alone in my housing writing books that touch the hearts and minds of people living half way around the world from me. That is the real magic in what I do!

Who doesn't want to spread a little magic in the world?! But, sadly, the reality of writing is that you can spend months researching and/or writing a book that never sells. Or you sell a book, but you aren't paid for it until six months to a year later. It's a job where one's income is variable and unpredictable, and a job that rarely pays the bills. 

Which is why I've joined Patreon. 

It's an opportunity to make a steady, predictable income from writing that allows me to write and research without scavenging for other work or stressing over whether or not I can afford to pay the electricity bill to recharge my laptop or if I will be writing my notes down on toilet paper. 

Okay, so it's not quite that bad. I use kitchen towels instead. 

But you get the picture. 

Until this year, I've written primarily children's books and poetry. In addition to the 4 books pictures above, there are 2 further books that will be published in 2020.

Now that I'm established in the children's market, I would like to write spiritual books for adults also.

But with anything new, it's a big risk. As mentioned above, there is the risk that I could spend months researching and writing a book and not sell it. Who can afford that kind of risk? 
Only someone with investors.  

Which is where YOU come in. 

I'm looking for investors in my career that will help support me in breaking into a new genre. But to break into a new genre, I require time and space to develop my practice and take the risk mentioned. 

If you want to support some magic in the world, then I hope you'll consider supporting me in my writing career. In past centuries, writers often came from wealthy families or had patrons. It's no different today. I don't yet fall into either category--hence my appeal for patrons. Or a rich uncle. I'm waving my magic wand and letting go of the outcome.

Thank you for reading! I hope we can make beautiful books together!
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When I reach 500 patrons, I will share the title and first chapter of my planned spiritual book. 
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