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About Rebel Alliance Media

Rebel Alliance Media is a multi-media ministry committed to equipping Christians to engage the culture with a biblical worldview and to call the church to wake up and live out our faith with full confidence in the authority of King Jesus.

The Rebel Alliance consists of four different podcasts. Grant and Ericha Van Brimmer's podcast for kids, Fathers of the Faith, releases on Mondays. Their Awakening Reformation Podcast releases on Tuesdays, and the Rebel Podcast with P. Nate and Pooty releases every Wednesday. 

We also host the Redeeming History podcast. Right now in its first season, this podcast releases on Fridays when it's not taking a research break.

Weekly videos are also released on Facebook every Friday, these are shorter releases that answer a direct question or address a specific cultural issue.

New blogs and articles are released every week and there are other resources available at our website Review us on iTunes, follow this Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel and interact with us so we can help equip you to change the culture for Christ.
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