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is creating a plan to clean up Alberta's oil patch.

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Hey there! We're Regan Boychuk and Brent Nimeck, and we've been working in and researching Alberta's oil and gas industry for over a decade. Now, we're raising the alarm bells on billions of dollars of environmental liabilities in Alberta -- and we've got a solution.

Thank you for stopping by our page and considering being part of this project.  Your support makes our work possible.

Our first concern has always been putting Albertans back to work. There are currently 40,000 unemployed oilfield workers in Alberta.  And there are over 330,000 oil and gas wells in Alberta that either need to be cleaned and reclaimed now, or will in the near future.

The problem?  Both the government and industry leaders are massively downplaying the problem, while the oil patch racks up more and more debt.  That means when companies go bankrupt, the public could be left with a cleanup bill of hundreds of billions of dollars.  We don't want that to happen.

Our well reclamation plan, Reclaiming Alberta's Future Today (RAFT), will create tens of thousands of jobs for the people and equipment idled by the downturn.  RAFT is a plan to protect Alberta's land, water and air from aging well contamination, while protecting the public from footing the cleanup bill as oil patch companies begin to go under.

There is no bigger obstacle to the transition away from fossil fuels than the power and influence of the energy industry, and the government's passivity in the face of it. Holding the industry accountable for the mess they have already created is the first step: it's called the "polluter pays" principle.

That's where you come in: we need your support so that we can dedicate ourselves full time on our research and advocacy on the issue of Alberta's aging wells. Help us spark public debate about serious solutions, like RAFT, that match the scale and urgency of the crisis, before it's too late.

We need your help.  Simply put, we are concerned Albertans, land owners, and oil and gas industry veterans working on this issue in our spare time, and without any formal support.  Will you help us spark public debate about solutions that match the scale and urgency of the hundreds of billions in unfunded oil patch liabilities?

Our huge thanks go to you for choosing to support this project, and for joining the fight to hold the oil and gas industry accountable to people living and working in communities in Alberta.
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