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Welcome Everyone to "Reclaiming America"!

Our Journey will begin in 2019 on social media and elsewhere to create a weekly, and eventually, daily podcast discussing relevant newsworthy topics in a way that is able to reach all Americans, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum.

My goal is to expose extremism in both left and right-wing media, provide a platform to educate listeners to question political biases and reach their own personal convictions and conclusions, and finally, to bring to the forefront topics that should be front and center that are kept hidden by corporate interests. 

I promise to devote much time, effort, and hard work into each an every episode, and appreciate your help in making this podcast a success!
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Once I get to 100 patrons, podcast will go from once a week to 3 times per week (M, W, F) and I will be able to start an exclusive YouTube channel.
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