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You can see my mini project which is making jewlery out of rocks.  (THERE IS NO TIER IMAGE ADDED YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THIS!!! But you can do it if you want to out of your good will ;) )
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Pay this and you will automatically be in ever give away. You can ask me what type of shirt you want with what design and logo. But there will be about 1-10 people per give away!




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Hey you! Yea you, the one reading this! All the money made on here are for projects I will be doing. (THIS IS ALL FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES! THIS IS A NON PROFIT!) I will also be allowing YOU to give me recomendations on projects you choose to ask of me. You can choose to recommend something so easy to something radical, I will allow anything from chemistry all the way to cooking and DIY'S! So the options you give me are ENDLESS. SO come and support me! This patreon is for anyone and everyone so if your into this poorly written discription then please join my PATREON FAMILY!!!
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!ALL OF THIS MONEY RIGHT HERE WILL ME GOING TO THE PROJECTS YOU CHOOSE FOR ME! THIS IS NOT A LIVING BUT ENTERTAINMENT, EXPIREMENTION, EDUCATION, And I will also be donating (to my school that is in need of money to make the childrens education better/ to charity such as Jackie Robinson Family YMCA, WIC American Red Cross, Mama's Kitchen, San Diego Rescue Mission, along with other places). And also I will be doing give aways. STAY TUNE!
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