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     John Raines and Dan koch created Reconstruct to be a resource to help deconstructing Christians begin reconstructing their faith. 
     We believe this pursuit is important and valuable, not least because more Christians than ever are deeply questioning everything they once held as true—and few have the time or ability to sort through all the confusion and complexity. Even worse, some remain in a constant state of deconstruction, submerged in doubt and skepticism to the point that they find it difficult to reconstruct their faith at all.
     We want to help. We’ve undergone deconstruction and actually still are deconstructing, but we’ve also reconstructed our faiths in many ways. So at Reconstruct, we explore theological and philosophical topics with an aim to positively building an understanding of Christian thought and life. We do this by constantly creating new content, whether that's interviewing a scholar, sharing someone’s story, or writing an essay.
     If you believe this pursuit is valuable as well, then you can help us make this resource the best it can be. With your help, we can not only consistently maintain our show, but we can greatly enhance the well-researched, skillfully-produced material you’re used to.
     We’re so thankful for the generous contributions of our devoted listeners to help make Reconstruct a reality, so if you’d like to begin supporting us feel free to leave a contribution by becoming a Patron.
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