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For example: If you want advice on how to talk to someone who has experienced assault. 

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-Clarify something you don't understand. 

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For people who don't have PTSD. I will answer respectful, non-invasive PTSD/Mental Health related questions once a month. 

I am not a trained mental health professional. I can answer questions about PTSD from the point of view of someone with PTSD caused by sexual assault/abuse and I am will provide links I used as reference when answering outside my personal experience. 

This is for if you have questions about:

-symptoms of PTSD. 

-advice on how to react to someone's symptoms/help them find coping skills.

-general questions you may not want to ask your loved one with PTSD.




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My name is Margaret. Almost 4 years ago, I was raped and in the time since then I have struggled a lot with PTSD. I have a year old puppy who is training to be a service dog to help mitigate my symptoms. 

That is a rather blunt way to start an introduction, but that information has been the main motivation for my actions the past few years. Since my assault, I have been driven to try to help people who may feel the way I do and to try to prevent them from facing some of the obstacles I have faced as I try to recover from my traumas. 

For the past 3 years, I have had an active tumblr account where I try to reblog resources and write about my struggles:

I want to do a lot more to help others.
I am trying to build a website with resources:
I have a Pinterest account where I pin resources:
I have an instagram for my dog (Where I post pictures daily):
It is also a goal to write more service dog related content in the future. 

I would like to dedicate a lot more time towards these goals and creating more content. The reality is, even with a full time job, my PTSD related expenses add up to the point where having a little financial help can go a long way to help me work towards my goals faster. 

For those struggling with the aftermath of sexual assault or PTSD from any trauma, I give what I can freely. Please feel free to send me a message at any time and I will try my best to help any way I can. 

For people who may not have experienced the types of trauma that lead to PTSD, I hope you find a way to help if you are able to. Even reaching out to people you know are struggling can make a huge difference in someone's life.
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