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About Red Armiger

Who is Red Armiger?
Hey ya’ll! Call me Aka. It’s nice to meet you! I’m a character doppelganger and fan-fiction writer in the Midwest United States that has an unhealthy obsession with villains, Square Enix, and everything Anime. I love to give the bad guys their due and you’ll be seeing the darker characters often if you come to hang out.  Fair warning, this page is still a work in progress, but please, feel free to hang out for a while while I get things shiny!

So, Why Patreon?
Funny story that -- I’ve finally gotten up the nerve to share my nerd-dom with the world! It took four imaginary dorks on a road trip to break me out of my shell and finally stop trying to call cosplay a ‘distraction’.

'Obsession' might be the better word these days and I’ve long passed the point to call this passion what it really is. This community and its creators are what have inspired me to come this far and I want to pay that forward by sharing my journey with like minds who can inspire me to stretch and build my skills. I’d adore it if you guys come with me and help take this habit of mimicking favorite characters into something more than I ever thought it could be.  Your pledges are helping more than you know.  Every dollar puts me closer to being able to even more shameless examples of fandom. Stick around a spell, I'd love to show you what I come up with next!

What Can You Expect?

My biggest goal is to give the ‘love to be hated’ characters their time in the spotlight, so expect to see a lot of bad guys in my content. As far as what all I’d like to offer you:
  • Primarily villain cosplay!
  • Fanfiction for days! and maybe some original worlds
  • Really bad voice-overs.
  • Even worse audio roleplay
  • Adventures with me in learning and experimenting with big props.
  • and eulogies in the Cosplay Graveyard, where all my good intentions go to die-- and hopefully save you from making the same trial and error mistakes.

So, What Do We Get?

Glad you asked!  I've got a few ideas to get us started, but I'm very much of the notion that the more you need to feel like this is worth you time, the more I'm willing to add additional tiers. For now, until we pick up steam, reward tiers start at $1.00 a month and only go up to $30.00.  You can read more about them over there. >> 

Sounds cool, but I'm not quite sold.

I'm pretty new to this scene, so I certainly understand wanting to look around a bit first.  You can check out some limited/condensed content at my Ko-Fi until you decide.  Full disclosure, you won't see everything there, but hopefully it gives you a better idea as to who I am! ^_^

FAQs and Other Reminders
  • If you get physical rewards, they are not shipped out until Patreon has finished processing everything! Tracking is sent privately.
  • You will not receive physical rewards until the first payment has gone through.
  • Do I do the social media thing?  Why yes, I do! See below:
  • Curious to see how much I screw up in real time? Check out my Twitch channel.  It's mostly game play these days, but when I am working on a new cos, I do turn the cameras on.
  • Wanna send me stuff? (Please send letters! I love old school letters!)
Red Armiger Cosplay
PO Box 51235
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All Benefits from previous tiers PLUS -

  • (non-exclusive) Digital print of the month’s spotlight character.
  • Access to the Archives! I will be posting one IC Letter and/or drabble a month (depending on how well the muse is flowing; 500 words max) from the month’s Spotlight character shoot.
  • Access to Lokton!  All the pictures, candids, com memories, bloopers from shoots.  If you like to see Red being a dork, you can find it here.
  • You don’t mind me following you on your social media, do you? Cause I really like being able to say hi!
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$9 of $100 per month
Let's start things off slow and get a feel for the waters. I'm still a little (read as: alot) nervous, but I'd love to stretch my comfort level with you all. I'd like to keep things modest until we get rolling steadily. You show me if what I have to offer is worth your time and I'll lead us all to the next milestone. Making this goal will mean I can offer more content on a broader scale, be it more fan-fiction, streams or audio roleplay.
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