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 You will get access to a full write up on how my costumes are made which include in depth progress photos and steps, This will be put into a PDF and sent out at the end of each month. 



About Redhairedemon

Hi Guys! I am Burçak. I’m a cosplayer from Turkey.  I’ve been cosplaying since October 2016
I’ve always been a huge fan of gaming and anime as well as art, I’ve been drawing from the time I knew how to pick up a pencil, so for me cosplay was a way to bring all the things I loved most together in a creative way.

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Böyle uzun bir süre için yeni bir cilt XAYAH yapmak istedim. Eğer hedefime ulaşmamda yardım edebilecek olsaydın. Her bir patreon sayardı ve benim için çok şey ifade ederdi!
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