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About Mad Haus

G-G-Greetings Time Travelers! Welcome to Mad Haus!

The Mad Haus tribe brings together Cirque, Theatre, Vaudeville, Dance, Drag, Fashion, Shadow Work, Burlesque, Live Visual Arts, Technological Innovations, Performance Art and Puppetry, to create a fully immersive sight and sound celebration! These 20+ multi-disciplined artists, experts in their respective fields, bring you an un-ending swirl of artistic celebration spanning across too many genres to list! ‘Mad Haus’ is the artistic playground for dozens of professional artists – who come together from all over the country to flex their creative muscles on the New Hampshire seacoast in this one-night-only living, breathing, speaking, singing, dancing, performance art installation backed by our Mad Haus Band regularly featuring dozens of unique and interesting instruments.

Mad Haus: A Performance Portmanteau As Conceptualized By The Mad Men of Oopsy Daisy Inc!, is a production of the Red Light Series at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre, a non-profit theatre in Portsmouth, NH. As a tribe, we love to create the art you see every show, but there is a whole other world of art, music and talent that doesn't make it into our shows that we would love to share with you! Here on the Mad Haus patreon, your time travel journey continues beyond what you see on the stage! Patrons will receive access to exclusive content, personalized rewards, and other time travel-y goodies! Subscribe and uncover hidden dimensions of Mad Haus! Join Bonesy, Estelle, the Storyteller and the rest of the Mad Haus tribe as we adventure off the stage and into your computer screen! 

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When we reach 50 patrons, Bonesy, Teller and Elle will prepare a special performance that will be posted in thanks on our Patreon feed!
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