Mustapha Rédouane

is creating HDR Skies & 3D Stuff

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Hello artists!
I'm Redouane and create quality CGI ressources, namely high dynamic range images (HDR) for Image based lighting (IBL), game dev. assets, 3D models and textures. I've been selling ressources on 3Docean since 2014, and I believe that I have a lot to share with the CGI community worldwide and I believe that Patreon will make it possible.

So Why Patreon?
The purpose of this campaign is to gradually reduce my dependency to freelance jobs, which currently generates my main revenue. However I believe that freelancing full-time does not generate much of a great value to the community, in return, it consumes all my time that I would prefer to spend researching and creating quality ressources that will hopefully be useful to CGI artists, thus, supporting my campaign will allow me to dedicate more time to work on said ressources and content for CGI community, for you. Currently I focus mainly on creating crazy high resolution HDR skies within my project "PureSkies HDR".

Eventually, I would like to thank you in advance for considering to support me here.

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