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The is my first tier, the Ogre Zombie.  With it you will help me make our games more awesome and receive a little boon of a few of your rolls (attack or otherwise) that have some type of advantage depending on the game type.
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To help instill your character, I will immortalize them in my worlds, and especially my next adventure with another group.

You also still some rolls to help out your character from the evil DM!




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About Gaming Master - Redwood Herring

To long have you been submitted to sub par battles.
To long have your maps been flat and without flavor.
NO more shall this blight ravage our tabletop gaming night.
Align with GM Redwood and let it be so!

Hello all, I am a tabletop gaming dungeon master, and most of you hitting this site are in my games or are about to be. I created this page to help with the purchasing of Minis, creation of maps, story books, and other services to help your experience be the best if can be. I don't require anyone to give anything but it is appreciated. I hope the next time I see your, or more accurately, your character, we will get on a grand adventure.


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