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Three years ago, the New Zealand police showed up to search my house and seize my medicine. That day sucked – but it launched me on a beautiful mission.

A judge eventually released me from criminal charges. Then, through a wild chain of events, I became the first person to legally possess raw cannabis in NZ in 50 years. But most people don't get those privileges. So, out of my gratitude and my firsthand shock at how the criminal 'justice' system works – I vowed to keep working for all medicinal cannabis users to live in peace.

I've been activist-ing ever since, in various ways – making noise in the media, advocating to lawmakers, organising fellow patients to get our stories out. I believe we are winning – but it's taking some doing. Now that we have a flawed medicinal cannabis law on its way through Parliament, I'm also involved in the movement for the referendum to legalise cannabis properly for everyone in this country.

I know many folks aren't able to engage in this work themselves but would like to support the good green cause – so here's your chance. And when you sign onto my team here, poetic justice will flow back your way... read on for the details.

Why this site?
Welcome to an experiment in reciprocity. When you join here as part of my community of patrons, you pledge a fixed amount of support per activist 'project' that I do, and get poetic thank-you gifts in return. (When I'm not making political headlines, I'm a spoken word poet.)

How it works: You sign up for a pledge level on the right side of this page. Being a populist I am truly grateful for each contribution no matter the size – and together it all adds up. Each time I do a decent-sized activist project, the site will charge you, and I'll send everyone poetic rewards as soon as I catch my breath. This will happen at most a handful of times per year, and no more than once a month.

I'm not trying to be paid an hourly rate for this activism. But the reality is that while I've been working on healing myself from a life-altering neurological condition – which is what caused me to use medicinal cannabis in the first place – it's been really hard for me to balance health, activism, and making an income. I'm healing but I need to keep the balance! So I'm using Patreon to support specific projects where either I need funds to do something special, or a project's time commitment is keeping me from earning an income. I choose my projects thoughtfully – initiatives where I have unique skills and can make an impact. This post lists examples of projects I've undertaken recently to help liberate this incredible plant.

Because of our small population, we don't have many well-funded organisations paying activists in this country. So I reckon we could all get better at supporting individuals who carry a lot on behalf of the collective – and I'm excited that this site could make that possible. If you agree, will you please join me in this experiment?

The future

I won't be working on cannabis forever because at some stage we're going to win this thing! So, some time in the future, I may transition this Patreon page into a funding platform for other creative activist work. I have a long history as an eco-activist and wasn't planning on being a cannabis activist until the police drafted me into the movement ;) . I'll keep my community of supporters fully informed, so that you can give input on what you'd like to see me do in the future, and decide what you want to stay on board for.

Thanks for considering joining me on this journey. I am humbled and awed by the kindness and appreciation shown to me as I walk this path.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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