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Red World Productions started out as a casting company for in-character panels at convention in Georgia. In recent years, we have expanded to present content across three states, and are hoping to attend more conventions in the future. 

This summer, we took our first steps into the world of filmmaking with our first fan-produced mini-series, The Reverse Falls Project. This will be a 9-Episode mini-series focusing on the Gravity Falls AU. The series features great actors, fabulous special effects, and a fantastic storyline that's sure to captivate fans of Gravity Falls and non-fans alike. 

We've also got plans for several more projects, including live-cast recordings of all of our Shakespeare as Performed by Anime Characters skits, and a Black Butler short film which is sure to break hearts! (No spoilers!)  

That being said, we've discovered that all of this is very, very expensive and after pouring hundreds of dollars of our own money into panels and videos alike, we're hoping for a bit of help. We've also been getting more and more requests from fans to attend conventions out of state, and we can't do that presently. 

Please help us continue to produce high-quality panels, and high-quality videos alike!

Let us entertain you! 
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Things we'd love to be able to get for The Reverse Falls Project: 

  • Locations
    • Many of our locations may not be as 'free' as we initially hoped they'd be. Renting a tent for the Tent of Telepathy could be as much as a thousand dollars, and because it's too hot to film the 'in town' scenes outside during the day, we're looking into indoor shopping locations, which may also charge us a large sum. 
  • New costumes for Mabel and Dipper Gleeful 
    • I made the costumes you see in the promo, and they're honestly terrible, so I'll be remaking them. 
  • Knives 
    • The knife in the promo video is very nice, but it's black and doesn't show up on camera very well. We'd like a nice silver one... or two... or three... (Don't worry, these are all dull and can't hurt anyone!) 
  • Throwing knives 
    • We are hoping to purchase a nice set of throwing knives for this series. 
  • Swords 
    • Okay, so this one is less important than the other two, but we are hoping to feature a sword cabinet and for that we need swords and... 
  • A sword cabinet 
    • We're planning on building this prop, but if we have the budget for it, we can make it look really nice like this one
  • Wigs
    • Unfortunately, even though we've already bought wigs for most of our main characters, we have a feeling Mabel's 40" Epic Cosplay Hera, and Pacifica's 22" Epic Cosplay Phoebe aren't going to last the summer. Replacing Mabel's wig is $41.99, and Pacifica's is $35 right now, or $45 when the wig goes off sale. 
    • Gideon's wig also desperately needs to be replaced. We're thinking an Arda Hansel at $30 makes the most sense as far as style-ability goes. 
  • Fake blood 
    • We've got a lot already, but we have a feeling we'll be needing more. 
  • Formal outfits 
    • We found a dress that's gorgeous beyond all get-out, but it's $200. Please help us make Pacifica look like a princess! 
    • There's also a store closing near us that is selling off beautiful beaded dresses which would be PERFECT for Mabel for $200-400.  
    • Dipper doesn't own a suit. Please help him. 
  • Food 
    • We'd like to be able to provide food for our extras and actors and crew as a way to thank them for all their help.
  • Music 
    • Much of our score needs to be purchased, since free, royalty-free music is not always easy to come by. The song in the promo was purchased. 
  • Bus 
    • Gideon needs to get home somehow. 
    • Just kidding. We need a shot of a bus for the theme song, and for another scene, and renting one of these could be quite expensive (I'm still determining exactly how expensive). 
  • Celtx subscription 
    • This is an amazing website that allows you to write and share scripts for free. Celtx also has ton of other great features that would be a huge help to us, including scheduling, storyboarding, and character and scene breakdowns, but only with a subscription, which is $8.25 per month billed annually, or $9.99 billed monthly 
  • Ugly 90s jackets 
    • We're hoping to allow Pacifica to change jackets in each episode the way Mabel changes sweaters in Gravity Falls. Most windbreakers of that type tend to be $12-30, and hard to come by, so we'd like to be able to purchase them when we find them. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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