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About Media For Social Change

Hi, we're Shuling Yong and Erin Sorenson.

We are passionate about building a strong community for people who are using film and video for social change. It doesn't matter if you've been doing this for years, or are just starting out; There's always something to learn.

That's why we've decided to develop the Reel Impact Podcast: Uncovering the Best in Videos and Films for Social Change. The plan is to release bi-weekly episodes that will be a mix of:

  • Impact Video Training
  • Interviews with filmmakers, advocates and activists who are using film and video to do good
  • Interviews with experts who can help you increase your reach, drive more action, and maximize impact through video and film
  • Q&A from listeners like you (further down the line)

Every episode will have accompanying show notes available online so you can have easy access to:

  • Summary of the episode
  • Links to resources mentioned during the show
  • Downloadable transcript (further down the line)
  • Downloadable resources (further down the line)

We'll develop the podcast. We'll make it free. You'll get to listen, learn and be inspired from anywhere, even when you're on the go.

Good content costs resources to make. Filmmakers, nonprofit professionals and activists are often already strapped for funding and resources. Making the podcast free means more people from around the world can access valuable information that they can use to make impact in their communities. 

We both also balance freelance projects, consulting and teaching to keep the Reel Impact project going. The result? We're limited in terms of how much valuable content we can create, and how quickly we can create them.

With ongoing and regular support, things can change. The Reel Impact community can remain sustainable to help even more people passionate about changing the world through video.

By supporting us on Patreon, you will giving us the ability to focus more of our time and energy doing what we do best, and love, the most - creating positive social change through the power of film and empowering others to do the same.

Your support not only means more time to work on building the Reel Impact community, but it also means more podcast episodes and community resources! With your help, we'll soon be busy developing not just more podcast episodes, but also running an online community for changemakers to connect, and teaching ways we can all improve our videos for maximum impact and reach.


What is Patreon?
Patreon allows you to pledge money to support our work, in exchange for rewards. It's kinda like becoming an arts patron. It is a great way for you, members of the community, to empower people to make an impact through the power of video. With as little as $2/month, together, we can build something truly great.

How does it work?
When you click the “Become a Patron” button, you can select how much you want to pledge per month. You'll be charged automatically, and can adjust or cancel your pledge at anytime. No worries, you'll never be charged too much or too often, you can always set a maximum limit for the month or year too, so you'll always stay within your budget. You can also stop at any time.

What are rewards?
Glad you asked! Depending on what level you choose to contribute at, you'll get access to cool stuff like:
  • $2/month - Access to Patron-Only Feed + Name on Hall of Fame
  • $5/month - Above + Thanks on an episode + Reel Impact Podcast T-shirt (when unlocked)
  • $10/month - Above + Personal video thanks on 6-month anniversary + bonus content (when unlocked)
  • ... and more!

What are goals?
Here's where the power of the community truly shines. As your combined total contributions grow, we'll be able to deliver more value to you! Like:
  • Hit $200 - Every Patron gets into our Hall of Fame!
  • Hit $300 - Cover the cost of podcast and website hosting!
  • Hit $400 - Unlock the Reel Impact Community Facebook Page!
  • Hit $600 - Unlock ability to submit audio questions!
  • Hit $750 - T-shirts for featured questions!
  • ...and more!


Shuling Yong is a documentary filmmaker and the Founder of Media for Social Change. She has worked for almost a decade with numerous non-profit organizations to tell their stories through the power of video. Her latest film Growing Roots (2015) premiered on the Discovery Channel last July. She is also an Associate Producer on the Kartemquin Films documentary In The Game (2015).

As a speaker and educator, Shuling has also done talks and workshops about videos for change and digital marketing at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, ContentAsia Summit, Eagles Communications, Chicago Documentary Summit, Chicago Filmmakers and Northwestern University.

Erin Sorenson is an Impact Producer and the CEO of 3rd Stage Consulting. She brings 23 years of experience in applying strategic planning and critical thinking to advance nonprofit missions to create long lasting social change.

Prior to launching Third Stage Consulting in 2011, Erin was the Chief Programs Officer for the BeCause Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the power of documentary filmmaking and its fusion with creative outreach and engagement projects. While there, she worked with filmmakers to develop relationships with nonprofit organizations. Using storytelling to enhance their missions she worked with filmmakers and change-makers to develop outreach strategy and long-term legacy project development.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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