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About Reel Nagas


Sharing information through video is today’s new classrooms and Bibles, or the modern way of passing on history OR OURstory! Producing educational videos to pass on this information is something I LOVE to do, especially seeing as how this knowledge has been lost to most Melanated people of the world! As of now it takes about 4 to 5 days, 4-7 hours Each day, to film, edit and add music to a 50 min video. Now, as I also have to eat and pay the bills, this leaves very little time to commit to producing theses thought provoking videos. I have SO MUCH Information to share yet very little time to do it! This is where you come in! Your subscription to the Reel Nagas Patreon channel will allow me to create HIGHER QUALITY videos much more frequently! Diving DEEP into the well of information I’ve acquired over the past 20yrs, to produce AMAZING Informative videos such as...

•***The Dragon and The Phoenix!***
•The POWER of Organization!
•What is your Status?
•Why you should learn the Law...even a little!
•The Word’Play Series.  
•What is Astrology?
•The use of Moorish Science and Symbolism in Movies!
•Am I Black or Greater than that? (melanin)
•The Dred Scott case.. What does It REALLY mean?
•There’s Indian in my family!
•What is Dark Matter & Dark Energy?
•Are you an Alien?... and Much Much Moor!

For signing on as a Reel Naga Patreon Supporter, you will receive Amazing Perks, Discounts and FREE Reel Naga Gear! Also a percentage of your subscription will be donated monthly to the Cop Stop Guardian Traffic Stop App fundraising campaign! So not Only will You have access to and allow me to create High Quality, EXCLUSIVE Mind Blowing educational content, while receiving Great Gifts AND Rewards, but You will also be helping Cop Stop Guardian to save lives! Now that’s a Win-Win for everybody!!!
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This will allow me to cut out some personal training clients and focus more on producing mind altering videos for the TRUE seekers of knowledge!
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