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Hey There

In 2014, I knew that movies were still the love of my life. And maybe that I should keep writing about them. In that moment, REELYDOPE Media was born. Since then, we've grown to become a bit of a collective of film nerds, cultural pundits, griots, screen junkies and socially savvy young people (some say “millennials,” but we personally don’t like that word.)

Some might call us “reely dope,” or “really dope,” or even “reallydope.” But if you know what’s really good, you know we have, and always will be, REELYDOPE.

What Do We Do, Exactly?

We bring you stories, opinions and moments from The Bay and by its people. We've published movie reviews, essays and interviews since 2014. And we added a long-form podcast – REELYDOPE Radio – to our offerings in 2015, that ran through 2016. 

Between the two, we've gotten to write about blockbusters, indie films and interview illustrious folks like Barry Jenkins (Medicine For Melancholy, Moonlight), Evelyn From The Internets, Justin Tipping (Kicks), Anisia Uzeyman (Dreamstates) and Saul Williams, Tony Peralta (The Peralta Project, Desus & Mero), Sean Baker (The Florida Project, Tangerine), Shaun Lau (No, Totally! Podcast), Salima Koroma & Jaeki Cho (BAD RAP) and more!

While REELYDOPE Radio is currently on hiatus, we still faithfully publish a new written piece every (ish) week, and provide video content as we get it out of the editing suite.

Where Are We?

Oakland, California. The most beautiful and dynamic part of Northern California. Fight us.

How Can You Help?

Well, currently we're building upon some new content (new writers!) and have been wondering what to do next as far as the podcast is concerned. Your patronage would helps us:

- cover our podcast hosting costs (for past episodes and upcoming projects)
- provide a war-chest to pay for new and current writers 
- continue to showcase the diverse talent of the Bay Area while providing a platform for young writers and storytellers. 


If this sounds good to you, we'd love your help in making even more cool, interesting stuff. 

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