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$1 - Patron Only Access
As an official patron you'll be a part of my patron-only page, where I'll share fresh updates and project ideas!
$3 - Extra Material Sharespace
This is the reward for you, my suggested donation amount if you're still unsure of my writing. Here I'll post regularly, sharing the thoughts that pop into my head before I shape them into a storyboard. Bears, bikes, meat, aliens, swords. Nothing is safe. Everything is sacred.
$5 - From the Road Uploads
If you liked my Introduction video and some of my highway compilations from Keys to Freeze, then this is the feed for you! Here I'll share my latest and greatest video projects for collective enjoyment. 
$10 - Adventure Advice
With this mighty patronage you'll have access to my articles on adventure planning as I share gear lists, suggested weekend trips, safety advice, and 'how-to' articles for backpacking, cycle touring, packrafting, urban foraging, simple living, and herbalism.
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Get pumped to receive a fat stack of signed creativity every year. Bound and sound, I hope to be able to mail you over 500 pages of novel, narrative, poetry, imagery, and mild debauchery with the passing of each year.
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As an invested patron I'd like to sit in for an hour in-person or video interview to discuss my year's work as I continue working towards my professional goals of publication and environmentalism.
$100 - Story Collaboration (limit 5)
With this highest reward you'll have the opportunity to work closely with me to dream, develop, and co-author a shorty story every year. Strap on! It's going to be a wild time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reese, I love you, but I'm not a big reader. Will you be posting more than just your writing?
Definitely! I express myself through my stories, my audio acting, and sketch comedy videos. It's all writing, all art, all love.

Why did you choose per creation payments versus monthly?
By choosing a "per creation" plan instead of asking for a monthly payment I'm allowing for the full breadth of my highest creative output, and hoping to give the best platform for you, my beautiful patrons, to enjoy my work.

I know you, man. You write A LOT. How many times a month will I be charged?
Regardless of my (somewhat prolific) output, no more than 2 works a month will be charged to patrons. These paid posts will be an exciting mix of writing, audio, and video.

Can I cap / stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Absolutely. You can choose to fund only 1 project a month, or cancel your pledge for any reason at any time.

Is there a way to follow you without having to pay?
Yes. Choose to follow me on Patreon and have access to 'All Followers' posts. Do the Facebook and Instagram thing. Go to and run rampant. 

About Reese Wells

I am a writer and adventurer from Winston-Salem, NC. My creative works drift along a broad spectrum, from narrative nonfiction to satire to potty humor.

I have written three manuscripts, the most recent about an 8,000 mile cycling adventure called Keys to Freeze. I am also the founder of Greater Patagonia, a 1,000 mile trek to explore the wild spaces of Chile. I believe in open communication, environmental advocacy, haiku, and black coffee.

Please visit my website for a more robust idea of my creative output. Or, just watch these videos. They sum it all up.

Writing Excerpts

"When I write thigh-to-thigh, consider it a turn of phrase. In truth I sat next to Tyler, his meaty legs dominating his space, my space, and Da Vinci’s depiction of the Vitruvian Man." - from Keys to Freeze

"In this episode of THE MEAT DIARIES we bring you the daring story of Ser Beef Heart, a brave beef now nearing – he believes – the end of his quest. Beef Heart, who has endured unending sacrifice to chase his Lady Love Partridge across the great expanse of Caribou, the lonely nation where our epoch exists, now stands outside of the great fortress of Viscount Veal and his lowly sidekick Squab, who have taken the Princess Partridge and have locked her up in the highest tower. Little does he realize the drama about to unfold, bloody and raw onto his plate …" - from The Meat Diaries, a Fishfin Episode

"I could be walking out on a day hike along a rocky ridgeline and, bending over to pick up a cool red and white swirled quartz rock, hear a distinct SNAP! Oh no! There goes my right ankle bone. I would scream, fall down, and roll off the trail, plummeting twenty feet off the ridge, and, after collapsing my lung upon impact, slowly suffocate to death, knowing that if only I’d brought along some parachute cord, things would have turned out differently. I will venture and say that’s the great takeaway from WFR – parachute cord. You can never have enough." from The WFR Experience, Greater Patagonia

"Where Pappy was tall and thin, weathered as worn leather, Doyle was short and pudgy, skin blotched as curdled cream. When you looked at Pappy you might think, 'My goodness. Was this man born in the woods? He looks half-tree.' Yet when your gaze wandered to little Doyle you would sigh, knowing that boy too well. Our Doyle was a child swaddled in the comforts of civilized society – a child more tuned his electronics than his surroundings." from The Lost Woods, Book I 

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